Tomorrow Cancelled
by Maša Stanić​.

The exhibition “Tomorrow cancelled” is a selection of Maša’s growing archive, where she documents and experiences her environment, various souls and their lifestyles (including her own). People mostly her age who live beyond the expected standards and routines, who have their own rules and who mostly don’t follow authority figures, trying to escape the monotony of everyday life.

Maša born in 1994 in Serbia. She is now living in Vienna and studying photography at “Universität Der Angewandten Kunst”. Her interest mostly lies in the human behaviour and especially the one society does not consider normal. In this case not normal is connoted in the most positive way.
Living beyond the line that is given by the society is the most honest way to go through life. Being not normal is normal.

Vision I
by Johnny Terror.

“Visionen I” – the single line as a vision. The perfect contrast of full white and full black. Constant balance and chaos. Constant order and disorder.
The exhibition “Visionen I” comprises over 50 selected drawings of Neo Toyko and science-fiction aesthetics, which were shown for the first time in this compilation.

Johnny Terror bio text.

by Moritz Jekat.

The exhibition “NON YA” shows abstract, photographic work about a multinational family. Still lifes of everyday’s objects and portraits are telling us the story of three people from three different origins – A coming together of multiple cultural heritages and family ideas – A narrative about a new home, decipherment of the otherness and establishment of the common.

Moritz Jekat showcases still fine art photography in quiet but robust ways that keep the viewer in thought about the deeper meaning of the simplistic and sophisticated forms and objects within each piece.

Ausgewählte Handy Fotografie
by Phillip Koll.

The exhibition “Ausgewählte Handy Fotografien” comprised over 100 selected photographs from Phillip Koll’s five years of work, which were shown for the first and last time in this compilation.

Phillip Koll was born in Rensburg, Germany in 1991. He studied graphic design at Central Saint Martins College in London as well as at Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam but he has never finished his degree. Koll’s work fundamentally/inherently questions the definitions of value and possession. His photographs challenge the biased/selective awareness of every observer. Philipp documents coincidental arrangements that, on the one hand, aim to serve as contemporary witness of our society, on the other hand communicate much more meaningful intentions than our subjective consciousness would allow us to perceive. With his still life shots, he embeds complex aggregate states into clinical aesthetics.

by Amely Sommer.

The exhibition “Untitled” is about images that are in between – between surface and underground, inside and outside, presence and absence, being and non-being.

Amely Sommer is 22 years old and was born in Reichenbach, Germany. Her work is about the undying dispute of own and foreign identity. A look of what’s behind conventions on our way to abstraction, far from everything factual. About the united and divided drowning into unknown realities. A translation of sensations into obscure confusion as well as the creation of an unexperienced and undefined cosmos.

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